Model T Ford Museum – Richmond (formerly Centerville), Indiana

Model T Ford Museum – Richmond (formerly Centerville), Indiana

The Model T Ford Museum will be moving to Richmond this winter to a location at or near the former Pen-Central railroad depot on the north side of Richmond.  The move should be completed by the spring of 2012 and open the first Tuesday of April at it’s new location in Richmond’s Historic Deport District.  It is just over 5 miles from the former location.

Are you interested in the largest single marque pre-1930 antique car club in the world?  If you are then you definitely want to get involved with part of the Model T Ford Club of America.  They encourage you to drive and enjoy the car that you have and join others with the same interest.

You will want to visit the Museum for a look at some examples of the older cars then just stop off in Centerville at the little museum with maybe 8 cars.  But still, where else are you going to be able to see these classics up close?  With the admission of just $2 it is well worth the “investment” to stop in.

You may enjoy seeing the camper that is on display.  It has fold out beds on the passenger side.  Compare the fire truck with those that are used today, it was a huge step up from the days of the horse drawn wagons. 

Henry Ford certainly changed the way people got around, he opened up a whole new experience for those that wanted to travel further distances and in more comfort.    The Model T was Ford’s introduction into the automotive world and made Ford a household name.  Most of the people that drove, in those days, owned a Model T Ford.  The Model T made it possible for the middle class to own a vehicle.  The Model T was produced first in 1908.

The cars in the Museum are largely on loan from local Model T Ford Club members.  Another of the unique vehicles you will see is the 1926 dirt-track racer.  This will remind you of how auto racing began.

HOURS Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and other times by appointment.

If you are planning to visit the museum, please phone the museum at 765-488-0026

Model T Museum
Richmond’s Historic Depot District
Richmond, Indiana

Pictures for this post were used from the article by Erin N. Riley in Day Trips.